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Following the Herd

As the NBA season has begun to unravel and with a clearer picture of the Milwaukee Bucks success, let’s take a quick look at their G-League affiliate, the Wisconsin Herd.

Thus far, the Wisconsin Herd are 1-7 and haven’t performed to expectations. However, there are some bright spots to be taken away. Currently under two-way contracts are Jaylen Morris and  19-year-old former Duke point guard Trevon Duval. Sterling Brown was most recently recalled to the Bucks due to injuries, depleting the Herd of one of its most talented players.

The G-League associate has emphasized they want the team culture to be beneficial to the other young Bucks, such as Donte DiVincenzo and D.J. Wilson, who could potentially make appearances in Oshkosh.

While you enjoy this Trevon Duval highlight reel, take notice of the Herd’s offensive scheme. Typically, the team has two bigs on the block, two wing players and a guard on the top of the key. From an effectiveness standpoint, 37 percent of the team’s field goal attempts have come from the 3-point line, but they are only canning a low 29.5 percent of those shots. Similarly, they have only made about 70 percent of their free throw attempts, and have performed on the bottom side of the league average in categories such as assists, points per game and are dead last with a +/- of -12.6. We should expect to see improvement throughout the season from an efficiency standpoint while the players continue to mesh together.

On defense, you can see man-to-man with occasional switching. Throughout the film, you can see the players losing their assignments and being baited too easily, and thus they have surrendered 974 points through eight games (equal to 122 points per game). The Herd still seem to be figuring it all out and we should expect to see some growth throughout the season.

The Herd is led by Jordan Brady, a young head coach with G-League experience dating back to 2012. At only 34-years-old with previous playing and successful assistant coaching experience, he and Wisconsin Herd GM Dave Dean have assembled a roster full of young talent that looks to not only win, but also develop chemistry and continuously improve every day.

Bucks’ head coach Mike Budenholzer has a strong history of utilizing his G-League partners, and this works perfectly as Jordan Brady also worked with the Bucks during their playoff run as well as during the Summer League.

Building a well-rounded organization from top to bottom is a high standard and we will continue to see how the team develops throughout the season. Don’t forget to look out for potential roster moves and highlights!

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